Extra quality and high yields

Prince Alfalfa was developed by using traditional plant breeding methods using elite germplasm sourced from USA, Argentina and Australia
Prince plants are highly winter active (winter activity rating 9++) ensuring strong growth during winter and thus providing for a long growing and productive cycle. Prince responds well to high input conditions by providing very high yields of high quality hay.
Prince stems are fine with a very high leaf retention providing a very high pro- tein content. Prince is all about quality fodder. Plants have an open structure with strong growth. The open structure provide an added protection against mechanical damage, while they produce a great num- ber of fine stems leading to high yield.
Prince appears resistant to soil borne diseases such Fusarium and Phytophthora. At the same time Prince has resistance to a wide range of Aphids, which are serious limiting parameters of yield and quality
Overall Prince will produce a high yield of extra quality fodder and ensure a high income all through the year.

Agronomic characteristics
Highly winter active variety, rating 9++ (non-dormant)
Excellent performance under high input conditions
Fine stems with high leaf retention
Very high protein content, very high qual- ity fodder
Open structured plants with resistance to mechanical damage
Strong growth and vigorous recovery from cutting

Fusarium - HR
Phytophthora - HR

Insects - (aphids) - R
HR – Highly resistant / R – Resistant