Top yield of high quality hay with wide adaptability with stress tolerance

Platinum is a dormancy 9 variety, providing for high yields, with strong devel- opment during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The vigor is excellent and the development of plants is fast during all seasons.
Plants develop a spread type of plant with many fine stems. The plant struc- ture provides tolerance to diseases attacks and protection against mechanical damage, while the number of stems and the high leaf retention provide for a high yield of high quality hay.

Platinum plants are highly resistant to various diseases and especially to Fusarium and Phytophthora and resistant to Anthracnose, while at the same time they are resistant to insects, such as Aphids. At the same time Platinum plants can sustain stress conditions of irregular irrigation and heat. The combination of resistances to diseases and pests provide for healthy and vigorous plants with high leaf retention.
Overall Platinum will produce a high yield of high quality hay and provide for a high income all around the year.

Agronomic characteristics
Dormancy 9 variety
Stress tolerance
Strong vigor and wide adaptability
Moderately spread type of plants with resistance to mechanical damage
High protein content, high quality hay
Fine stems with high leaf retention

Fusarium - HR
Phytophthora - HR
Stress tolerance - HT
Anthracnose - R
Aphids - R

HR – Highly resistant / HT - Highly tolerant / R – Resistant